Evolution of WinImage

October 2005 : Version 8.00

- Compatibility with Virtual Hard Disk image (used by Microsoft® Virtual PC and Virtual Server), in both read only or read/write mode.

- Support of NTFS and Linux EXT2FS/EXT3FS image (only in read only mode)

- Connecting on Linux partition (to view content of Linux partition on connected hard disk)

- Speed improvement in read of write password encrypted file

September 2004 : Version 7.00

- New toolbar and icon

- Interface improvement: A folder bar can be displayed with the tree of the image in memory. The “folder bar” item in Options menu can be used to enable/disable it

- Option to save/restore/reset the Master Boot record of physical drive (to standard Windows)

- Option to mount CDRom image and uncompressed file image, if the FileDisk drivers is loaded.

Self-extracting file can (option /R) extract to removable drive, by resizing image. You can extract a self extracting bootable floppy to USB key with this feature

- You can export an hard disk fat image to an image with MBR. This is useful for CD-ROM burning software that don't add the MBR

- You can move file from one folder to another by drag it to the treeview

- The option to modify image size allow you choose the physical drive parameter

- You can modify image and and defrag large FAT image not loaded in memory

- With previous version of WinImage, all image with size equal or below 2.88 MB are loaded in memory, and all image bigger are stored on uncompressed .IMA file. The limit size for image in memory is now user defined (in Options Settings, Image tab). This is useful because some features are only available on image loaded in memory, like same as .IMZ compressed file.

- You can now select the size of an image (when you create a new image or change format) with three new options: import the size from existing image file (or from boot sector file), get the size of an existing partition, or enter custom value

- You can view the boot properties of a CDRom image

- The boot sector properties dialog box is now available on FAT32 image. This is useful to create FAT32 bootable image

- 64 bits version for Intel Itanium and x64 (for AMD 64 bits and Intel EM64T)

- minor bug fixes (including some fixes on code which create CDRom image under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003)

September 2002 : Version 6.10

- Compatibility with some CDRom images file (some version of Easy CD Creator…) is added

- Displaying very large directory (>500 files by example) is faster again. Useful for ISO or hard disk image

- Several minor bug fixes.

July 2001 : Version 6.00

- File can now be saved with a password. WinImage use MD5 algorithm to build a 128 bits key, and Rijndael encryption algorithm

- WinImage can now be installed with a self-install setup executable

- File in .ISO CDRom image can be replaced by a file with the exact SAME SIZE and FILENAME. Note: Because the .ISO file format is not designed to be altered, this is the only modification possible in ISO image.

- The /MAKESFX option is fixed (for create SFX .EXE in command line)

- New Self Extractor command line options

- WinImage can now open/read/write Linux EXT2fs image, but don't understand file system (like Macintosh floppies)

- Displaying very large directory (>500 files by example) is faster. Useful for ISO image

- Better support of DBCS resource file under Windows 2000

- When starting under Windows 2000 (or Windows NT4) with old and buggy ASPI layer, previous WinImage sometimes crashes. This is fixed.

April 1999 : Version 5.00

- File Properties allow the modification of filename and attributes of files within
the image.

- Better international support: WinImage and self-extracting files can now be
translated into far-east languages (like Japanese).

- The CD-ROM ISO image creation option is now compatible with Windows 95/98.

- Inject and Extract progress dialog boxes contain a "Stop" button.

- The delete option can now delete non-empty subdirectories in an image (and do recursive delete).

- The opening of Fat32 is faster and has better support of large FAT32 partitions.

- The documentation now states WinImage's Year 2000 compatibility (but previous versions were already fully Y2K compliant).

And only in professional mode:
- File Properties allow the modification of file dates within the image.

Self extractor file creation is now integrated into the WinImage interface, and SFX executable are now translated (in WinImage 4.0, SFX file were only in English).

- More options in the self extractor

And the WinImage Developer Edition, with WinImage SDK and WinImage professional is released

July 1997 : Version 4.00

Command line option

- There is now a true wizard (several screens with Next and Previous !) as an alternative to the Batch assistant dialog box.

- Under Windows NT, WinImage can directly open a Fat32 partition on the disk (useful because Windows NT 4.0 cannot directly read a Fat32 partition)

- Batch options can be saved in a .BWZ file

- option Display icon in taskbar when working.

- option Automatically show WinImage when user input is needed.

- Toolbar buttons are modernized

- There is now only a Win32 version of WinImage. Users of Windows 3.1 need install Win32s 1.30 to use WinImage.

And, in the professional version :

Self extractor with unlimited redistribution license

- You can export the directory of the current image in text or HTML.

- Printing of the directory of the image

Edit boot sector properties (ie load another boot sector file, edit text in the boot sector...)

- Supports the creation of large images of removable and hard disks under Windows NT and Windows 95. Large images (> 2.88 MB) are not loaded in memory, read and write operations are done directly in image files

September 1996 : Version 3.00

- Added ZIP compatible compressed image file (.IMZ and .WLZ)

- Added a comment feature for compressed image files.

- Added drag and drop from WinImage to the Windows 95/Windows NT 4.0 Explorer for file extraction

- When you drag a file into WinImage without opening an image, WinImage will automatically display the "New" dialog box

- WinImage can copy MacIntosh 1.44 MB floppies, but will not view the files in the image.

- Under Wintows NT, WinImage can build CD-ROM ISO compatible images.

April 1996 : Version 2.50

- Support of the new ListView control and tabbed dialog boxes for settings under Windows NT 3.5x, Windows 95 and Win32s 1.30

- Open an ISO CD-ROM image in read-only.

- Fixed bug while formatting DMF under Windows 95

September 1995 : Version 2.20

- Support for 32bit Win32s for the Intel version under Windows 3.1x.

- Format a blank disk without creating a new image.

- Fixed bug while formatting and writing DMF under Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.5x

June 1995: Version 2.10

- Windows 95 compatibility

- Support of Microsoft DMF format - 1.68 Mb floppy

January 1994: Version 2.00

- Added the Batch assistant.

- Show disk directory when reading.

- WinImage can be iconised when reading or writing a floppy.

- New toolbar.

- Image information.

- Title bar.

- Sound notification.

- Support for .DLL resources (for languages other than French or English).

September 1993: Version 1.11

- Support of directory drag from Windows File Manager.

September 1993: Version 1.10

Main differences:

- Windows NT version: built for the released version of NT, drag and drop server runs correctly.

- Functions for deleting files in an image, changing format and defragmenting.

- You can drag an image file from WinImage to another application.

- Better usability: new menu, news option and confirmation dialog boxes, "Always on top" in system menu, last four files in File menu. Help on toolbar via button.

- Incremented filenames.

- Better support of comparing and option saving.

May 1993 : Version 1.0

First version

A WinImage SDK with functions to create an image, read/write it on file or floppy, inject/extract, etc., is planned. Please send me email if you think this project could be useful to you.

There is now only a 32 bit version of WinImage. Users of Windows 3.1 need to install Win32s 1.30 (downloadable at ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/softlib/MSLFILES/PW1118.EXE).

Background reading or writing disks using WINIMAGE.EXE will ABSOLUTELY NOT degrade application performance under Windows NT or Windows 95 (with the exception of operations with the DMF format under Windows 95). Note: in version 2.x, WINIMAGE.EXE was the 16 bit version and WINIMANT.EXE was the 32 bit. Now, WINIMAGE.EXE is the 32 bit version.

There are Intel 80x86 and DEC Alpha versions of WinImage NT. I'm interested in receiving feedback from users of the RISC version.

There are English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Dutch and Spanish versions of WinImage. If you would like to provide translations of WinImage or the documentation in another language, please contact me.

WINIMAGE.EXE uses WIM16T95.DLL and WIM32T95.DLL under Windows 95, and WIM1632S.DLL under Windows 3.1x + Win32s 1.30. The file HLR20A16.EXE, distributed in some old beta releases, is no longer used.

If you find WinImage useful, give it to your friends and upload it to your BBS.