WinImage self extractor

With WinImage's self extractor, you can create a Win32 x86 executable file with one or several image files.

If you are a registered user of WinImage professional, you can redistribute this executable without restriction.

The fileexecutable you create can be used under Windows NT-x86/Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows 2003 server, Windows 95/98/Me.

How to create a self-extracting file:

- Create a .IMZ or a .WLZ file with WinImage

-  Under the File menu, select Create Self-Extracting file…

- in the "Select source Image file" screen, click on "Select an image source file" and select the .IMZ, .WLZ or .IMA

- in the second screen, select the executable file to create

To create a self-extracting file with one image, you can also open this image and Under the File menu, select Create Self-Extracting file…Then create the executable from the image in memory.

After selecting the source of the image file, choose the default command line options of self-extractor. The self extracting executable accepts the following options:

A:Write to floppy A: (or B:)

/F :Format floppy when writing

/N:xx :When writing a floppy, select the number of sets (xx is number>1)

/X directory :Select file extraction to specified destination directory

/NI :Don't increment directory when file extraction is selected

/W:xxx :Writing image file xxx

/H :Hide dialog

/B :Stop reading command line (ignore options following)

/QF :In self extractor command line to hide "insert floppy disk" dialog

/T:WinImage always issues a warning with a Yes/No dialog when the target disk is not empty and files will be overwritten. Default = "/T+, don't warn: "/T-" option

/VVerify writing. Default = "/V+", don't verify: "/V-" option

/IIgnore empty tracks when writing. Default = "/I+" , don't ignore= "/I-"

/OConfirm Overwrite when extracting. Default = "/O-", do ask = "/O+"

These options can be embedded in the executable with SFXSETUP executable, or when running the executable

(the SFX runs the embedded option first, and executable command line after).

If you specify the /B option at the end of a command line (when creating an SFX executable file), command line options specified by the user, when starting the executable will be ignored.