Image Menu

Create directory

Creates a directory in the current image.


Selects files in the current image.


Injects files into the current image.

Inject a directory

Injects a complete directory or subdirectory, into the current image.


Extracts files from the current image.

If no file is selected, WinImage extracts all files from the image by default. Otherwise it extracts only selected files.

Depending on the Confirmation option, you will have to specify the extraction path. (A dialogue box with some Preference fields is shown).

Delete file

Deletes files from the current image, after asking for confirmation.

If there is no file selected, WinImage deletes all the files from the image by default, otherwise it deletes only the selected files.

File properties

Change the file date (only in professional mode), attributes and name. The file can only be renamed when only one file is selected

Change Label

Changes the volume label of the current image.

Boot sector properties

You need the professional version to edit boot sector properties. With this option, you can change the OEM string of a disk, the serial number, or choose a Windows NT/2000/XP, MS-Dos 6.22, Windows 95/98/Me or WinImage (Reset button) boot sector. On a WinImage boot sector, you can enter the text displayed when booting the floppy.

When a bootable CD-ROM image is loaded, this option display the boot properties of the CD-ROM. You can also export the boot image included on the CD-ROM image.

Change size

Changes the size of the current image.

The new size must be greater than the total size of the files in the image.

For example: a 1.44 MB image can be changed into a 360 KB image only if it has less than 360 KB of files.

Defrag current image

Defragments the current image files.

Image information

Shows information about the current image, and allows editing the image's comment.