Batch assistant

By using the batch assistant, you can chain operations on several images.

There are two different interfaces of the Batch assistant :

- With File Batch Assistant, you'll have all settings in one dialog box

- With File Batch Assistant wizard, you'll have several dialogs boxes, step by step.

When selected, this dialogue box appears.

When WinImage executes a batch, it repeats the sequence of :

creating an image in memory reading a source, and saving this image for saving to a destination. When the source has no image, the batch is complete.

The following sources can be selected.

- Set of floppies : WinImage will read floppies. You need to tell WinImage how many floppies you want to be read.

- Set of images files : WinImage will load images. You can open a list file (.WIL), a set of compressed image (.WLZ, a ZIPfile with a .WIL and several .IMA) or add some images manually.

- Directory injecting : WinImage will inject directories into an image. If the directory name contains a number, it can increment the directory name, and make an image for each directory. If a directory is bigger than an image, WinImage will make several images.

The following destinations can be selected.

- Set of floppies : WinImage will write to floppies. You tell WinImage if you want it to format also.

- Set of image files : WinImage will write images. You specify the filename of the first, and WinImage increments the subsequent filenames and you can optionally make a list file (.WIL) with a comment. Or you can create a set of compressed images (.WLZ): one file will contain the list and all images.

- file extraction : WinImage will extract files from an image to directories that you specify. It can also increment the directory name.

In this example, WinImage is configured to extract the file images DISK1.IMA through to DISK5.IMA, to directories c:\temp\disk1 through c:\temp\disk5.

Before running the batch, you can save your configuration in a batch configuration file (.BWZ). This file can be opened later to run batch with same parameters. Like .WIL, BWZ files are text readable files.