Using WinImage

You can load an image into WinImage by either reading a floppy, reading an image file, or creating an empty image.

When an image is loaded, WinImage shows the files and directories present. You can change directories by double-clicking on the directory. You can return to the parent directory by double-clicking on the parent or first entry ("..").

WinImage can load an .ISO CD-ROM image file, in read only mode.

The image is loaded into memory. When there is no image loaded, some features are not available.

You can create a directory, delete or add files in the image from the toolbar or the Image menu option. You can use drag-and-drop from the Windows File manager to WinImage to inject data into an image, or from WinImage to another application to extract from it.

You can extract files in three ways: From the Image menu option or toolbar icon, by launching a file by double-clicking on it, or by dragging it to another application.

WinImage allows you to drag the image file from WinImage to another application by placing the mouse pointer onto the status bar or in the toolbar background. Press the left mouse button and keep it depressed, slide the pointer onto another application (drag and drop client), and release the mouse button. This original function allows you to add the image to a .ZIP or .ARJ file when using Nico Mak's WinZip utility, or attach the image to an e-mail created with Microsoft™ MS-Mail, or Lotus™ Notes or ccMail.

I suggest that you do not use the 820 KB or 1.72 MB formats, because Windows NT can not read them. I suggest that you use the DMF or the 1.68 MB format instead.

You can start WinImage with options in the command line:

'WINIMAGE [source [destination] [options]]'

'WINIMAGE file.ima' :Load the file file.ima

'WINIMAGE file.ima A:' :Load the file file.ima, write on A: and exit

'WINIMAGE A: file.ima' :Load from floppy A: and save file.ima

WINIMAGE /MAKESFX imagefilename.??z imagesfx.exe <command option>:Create a self-extractor file using a .wlz or .imz file, and with <command option> default option for the SFX file.

Option :

/F :Format when writing a floppy from the command line

/E :Do Extract (second parameter can be destination)

/X :Do Extract with sub-dir (second parameter can be destination)

/Q :Always exit after command line operation

/H :Hide the main WinImage window

/NX :Never exit after command line operation

/Nxxx :Create a new image (where xxx is DMF1024, DMF2048, 144, 120...)

/Txxx:Transform image size (where xxx is DMF1024, DMF2048, 144, 120...)

/I xxx :Inject file or directory xxx

/NOASPI :Disable the ASPI device checking in start (this disable CDRom image creation option under Windows 95/98/Me)