WinImage and hard disk Image

The professional version of WinImage can create images of hard disks and removable (SyQuest, Zip…) drives.

To create an image, select your disk on Disk menu, and select Disk Read disk. WinImage will ask you the name of the image to create. It’ll read your entire disk, and open the image.

When WinImage opens a large image (hard disk or removable), it doesn’t load the image in memory. All modifications (Inject, etc…) will be immediately committed in the image.

For writing the image on the disk, open the image in WinImage, select the disk in Disk Menu, and select Disk Write disk.

WinImage is a Windows application. You will need Windows to run WinImage to restore the image.

If the free space in the partition is defragged and at the end of the partition, and if you select "Ignore empty track in reading" in the Disk tab in Option settings, the image size will be reduced and will not contain free clusters

If you have a FAT32 partition (created by Windows 95 OEMSR2, Windows 98/Me or Windows 2000/XP/2003), you cannot read this partition under Windows NT 4.0. With File Connect Fat32 drive..., you can open your partition under Windows NT 4.0 (you need Administrative rights). This option is only available under Windows NT 4.0.

If you have a Linux EXT2FS or EXT3FS partition, and run Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003 server, you can connect this partition in read only mode with “File Connect Linux drive…”. You need Administrative right to use this feature.