Disk Menu

Use drive x: (where x: is a letter)

Selects drive to read and write.

This command lets you choose the physical drive you want to use for reading or writing disks.

In the professional version, you will also see the disk (hard disk and removable) drive, for disk image operation.

Format disk

Formats a blank floppy.

Edit Master Boot record

This feature allow you reset, backup and restore the Master Boot Record of removable drive. WARNING: modifying a hard disk Master Boot Record may prevent your computer from starting up. Only proceed if you know exactly what you are doing.

On professional version, you can also include non removable hard disk.

Create CDRom Iso image

Creates and opens an ISO image file from a CD-ROM.

Read disk

Reads a floppy and stores the image in memory.

Compare disk

Compares the current image with a floppy.

Write disk

Writes the current image to a floppy.

Format and write disk

Formats a floppy and writes the current image onto it.