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Creates a empty new image. You must select a format (for example: 1.44 Mb).


Opens an image file.

Connect Linux or Fat32 drive

This option exists only under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 server if you have a hard disk with a Linux (or Fat32 partition for Windows NT 4.0). You'll open a Fat32 partition in WinImage.

Close image

Closes the current image.


Saves the current image.

Save as

Saves the current image with a new name.

File can now be saved with a password. In this case, the user needs to enter the password for opening the file.

Save as Text/Html

This option exists only in the professional version. You can write a text or Html file with the directory of current image.


Configure printer

These options exist only in the professional version. They allow you to print the directory of the current image.

Batch Assistant

Batch Assistant wizard

Opens the Batch assistant dialog box. The wizard option offers an alternative interface to select options, step by step.

Create Self-Extracting file

This option allows you to create a self-extracting executable which contains one or several images. If you are a registered user of WinImage professional, you can redistribute this executable without restrictions.


Quits WinImage.