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How to order the fully licensed version of WinImage

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WinImage is a shareware product. You may copy, distribute, and try it for free, but if you use for longer than the evaluation period, you must register. You will receive a valid license, a registration code and the latest release.

If you register WinImage, I will send you a registration number. When you choose Registering in the Option menu, and enter this registration number, you will be able to hide the opening screen in the Preference (Option menu).

WinImage pricing

  • The price of WinImage standard is US$ 30.00 (about 30 Euro).
  • The price for an upgrade from WinImage standard (or a version of WinImage previous to 4.0) to WinImage professional is US$ 30.00 (about 30 Euro). I'll check if you are already a registered user when you order an upgrade.
  • The price for WinImage professional, full version, is US$ 60.00 (about 60 Euro).
  • Contact me by email for site license pricing . Site license pricing entails lucrative discounts for multiple licenses.

The upgrade from any version of WinImage prior to 4.0 or WinImage 4.0/5.0/6.x/7.0/8.x/9.x standard to WinImage 10.00 standard is FREE, you just need to download it!
The upgrade from WinImage 4.0/5.0/6.x/7.0/8.x/9.x Professional to WinImage 10.00 Professional is FREE, you just need to download it!

Ordering WinImage

You may purchase WinImage on-line using ShareIt/MyCommerce from Digital River or Paypal. Just after registering with the service you select, you'll receive the WinImage registration code by email, which allow you start use WinImage as registered user immediatly. You can pay on Share-it website with credit card or paypal

ShareIT / My Commerce

  •  Order WinImage Standard whith Shareit
  •  Order WinImage Pro whith Shareit
  •  Order WinImage Upgrade to Pro whith Shareit
  •  Order WinImage Developper edition whith Shareit
  •  Order Smartversion whith Shareit
  • When SwReg or Paypal notifies us of your order, we'll email you the WinImage registration code.

    Chinese users can register with Qast company.

    You may also send a check (drawn in US Dollars from an American bank or in the Euro from a French bank) to :

    Gilles Vollant
    4, rue de Morsang
    91600 Savigny sur Orge

    Copyright Gilles Vollant Software, 2002-2007