Building user-friendly software requires the help of a lot of people.

First, I want to thanks to Francois Liger for his technical expertise and contribution to this release.

The DOS utilities FdFormat and Wimage from Christoph H. Hochstätter gave me some great ideas. Without his source code, I couldn't format large format floppies.

By correcting the French documentation, Monique Vollant improved its syntax. François Liger, Joël Demay, Michael Segall, Peter Sohn, Matthew Gardiner, Ray Kaliss and Francis Weil assisted in the same way with the English documentation. Kent Cedola, Mickey Lane and Mary Geddry built the Dec Alpha and Mips R4000 Windows NT version.

Some ideas and tests have been coming from beta-testers. My thanks to David Chemla, Thierry Halin, Ralph Burri, Sylvain Surcin, Amando Senra, Augustin Garcia, Badara Dafe and particularly Fabrice Letard, Joël Demay, Michel Nedelec, Luc Coiffier, Claude Renaud.

Patrick Rafamantanantsoa, Bernard Maudry, Nico Mak, Serge Delbono and Michael Segall suggested additional ideas for WinImage.

Bo Brantén wrote the great FileDisk driver, which is now used by WinImage.

I'm using the ZLib library ( written by Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler, for compression support. I want to thank them a lot!