What is BMZ/BMP.GZ?

Let's start saying that BMZ and BMP.GZ are synonims of the same file format. BMZ files are simply BMP files compressed with the GNU GZIP. Incidentally this is a simple/quick/better-than-GIF/trademarks-free image file format.

How do I make a BMZ pic?

1) Pick your favourite paint program
2) Save your picture in BMP format
3) Use GZIP on it
4) Done...

How do I use a BMZ pic in my programs?

Use my DIBLib.DLL :-)

What kind of support I get from DIBLib.DLL?

It a allows you to load/save BMZ as well as BMP images, plus some utilities functions of DIB manipulation

Why are you offering it for free?

The first person who needs DIBLib is me! So I spent a few days in collecting some DIB examples from Microsoft and put them together in a DLL. It doesn't seem honest to me to claim something back for a code that I didn't write.