A 64 bit compiling of filedisk, with support of .bin CDRom image

The filedisk tools from http://www.acc.umu.se/~bosse/ or http://branten.se/nt/ is useful.

FileDisk is a virtual disk driver for Windows NT/2000/XP that uses one or more files to emulate physical disks. A console application is included that let you dynamically mount and unmount files. An example of use for this driver is if you have made plans spending the weekend writing an RAID driver for NT but find you are short of disks. FileDisk can also use CD-images.

I've recompiled the drivers with 64 DDK, and tested well on AMD 64 bits x64 platform. Just download filedisk64.zip to have the exact 64 bits compilation of Release 13 from Bo Branten (without source modification).

Download filedisk_modbin64_tray.zip to get the version with .bin image support. This zipfile contain both 32 and 64 bits version. It contain also a small GUI application which add icon on tray icon to mount image. A bugfix was made 25 april 2005

WinImage 7.0 contain also interface to mount image with this drivers.
for feedback about this version (even if all is ok, send me email. Particulary for Itanium, which I cannot test) email to info@winimage.com

for general info about filedisk, see
http://branten.se/nt/. FileDisk was released on this site. It uses work and research of Jamey Kriby.

Gilles Vollant

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